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Everything in this section is still beta versions.
Enter the new chatroom or try luck with the new widget web browser.

v0.93 for Windows

.:: This is Radar Web Browser (by Lucipher) ::.

User instructions:
Right click titelbar (Top of window where it says Radar)
& then drag with mouse to adjust window size.

Push Ctrl+T on keyboard to open new tab.

F11 on keyboard to go full screen.

Open Link Panel on the blue Radar button.
Click + to add new link. Right click button to configure.

Zoom widgets by scrolling. ( Globe / Orbitor Loading animation will resizeable after load progress ) ...
Also right click Clock widget and Globe Animation (Orbitor) for configuration.

Left drop menu now can be right clicked and set for opening applications.

Choose splash screen in right drop menu in browser :)
Here you can also change text color & panel colors!

Extract Radar folder to C:/Program Files/
Open Radar.exe on Windows PC for Linux/UNIX, macOS & Other (Python 3.10 will be needed)

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